Will you be my.....

To You, My 6 Leader Loves,

I’m sitting here nutting out the details for Silver Camp (and kind of procrastinating, kind of going a million miles an hour with my thoughts of how crazy this beautiful momentum is in our tribe and how far we've all come already), and I wanted to send you a special invitation. To be a part of something huge for this December. Me. You. Your Tribes. Our Happy Collective.

First up I want to share that this feels super vulnerable. Part of me wants to shut my laptop and just not publish this. Because that'd be the safe option, right!? To just play it safe and not tell anyone our goals means we don't ever feel vulnerable enough to set huge ones, the ones where our pride is on the line. The goals we don't really know if we'll pull off. Hint:: those are the goals we SHOULD set for ourselves, hold close to our hearts and share with our trusted inner circle (that's you). Brene Brown (my God) says "Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen." 


Here's the thing. I feel it in my heart (and also it makes me want to pee my pants, let’s be honest) that our Happy tribe is ready for PRESIDENTIAL. The limiting thoughts in my head say things like this “but you’re not even solid Diamond yet….you haven’t hit Blue yet and that needs to come before Presidential…..you’re crazy” (do you have those thoughts sometimes too!?). But still the little flicker of possibility says PRESIDENTIAL. Loudly. I know YOU are ready for Platinum (and Diamond for some of you) in your own teams and leadership. Even if you don’t have your whole structure for those ranks, I KNOW you’re ready. And your tribes are ready. And I also know how quickly we can build when the right people join us and are ready to run alongside us. 4 months is such a beautiful amount of time to plan, act and roll this out together. 

So my question to the 6 of you right now is this (and I ask it as a question, not a statement or an expectation)......will YOU be my qualifying Platinum Leaders for December 2017, as I grow into my largest level of leadership ever and guide our Happy Collective tribe to Presidential Diamond.

Will You Be My Platinum Leader- (1).png

Again, I ask that as a question to you. Honestly. Do you want to? Are you ready to? I will ask this same question to the 18 Silvers and 54 Elites that make up our Prezzie tribe when the time comes (probably in a few months time so I don’t overwhelm them with too much planning - ha!) but going into Convention week next week and beginning Silver Camp, and being on the edge of incredible growth in our whole tribe, I wanted to connect on this with you 6 leading ladies now. To see if you’re ready to do this together. To see if we're on the same page. I hope we are but this really requires us to be in this together, so I know how important it is that you're able to powerfully decide this for yourself as well.

So...... are you ready?

If you are, it would be my highest honour to be able to represent our tribe next year as the first (of many) Happy Collective Presidential Diamonds. It would be an honour to light the way for you to be there too, when you and your team are ready. And I know that I’ll be celebrating you all as Diamonds in 2018 too, which makes my heart feel all the way to its edges. Love you all beyond words.

Your tribe sister + friend,

Alice xo


"It's not about 'what can I accomplish?' but 'what do I want to accomplish?' Paradigm shift." - Brene Brown