Good morning loves,

I’m sitting here trying to get into work mode on a friday but I have something that’s sitting on my heart that I need to share with you. I have a special invitation. To be a part of something huge for the next few months. Me. You. Your Tribe. Our Happy Collective.


First up I want to share that this feels oh so vulnerable. Part of me wants to shut my laptop and just not hit send. Because that'd be the safe option, right!? To just play it safe and not tell anyone our goals means we don't ever feel vulnerable enough to set huge ones, the ones where our pride is on the line. The goals we don't really know if we'll pull off because they’re so edgy and bold. The goals that we’re being ASKED to create by something much bigger than ourselves (does that make sense to you? Do you ever feel like you’re being asked to do something bigger and part of you wants to just say “um, no thanks” and hide under a blanket!?). 


For those of you who hang with me the most will know I consider you family. If you've visited the Gold Coast, you've stayed on my couch, I've driven you to oils classes, we've cried together, I've held your hand at the hospital in the emergency room, we've drunk all the coffee together, flown on planes, sat at events together, danced, laughed, done workouts, talked strategy, had playdates with our little ones (and the list would go on all day if I kept writing....). For those of you who haven't met me yet, you might not have experienced any of this from me. But please know I consider you family (the good kind of family.....not the weird drunk uncle at your Christmas lunch ;-) ) and share all of this openly with you (just as if we were sitting on your couch sipping our morning coffees together). 


Brene Brown (author + my leadership guru) says "in order for connection to happen, we have to let ourselves be seen. Really seen". So let me start by sharing this....


2 and a half years ago when I was 7 months pregnant with Mackie, working full-time and with a little 1 ½ year old Quinny at home, I came home one day and shared my vision of doTERRA with Tristan. Actually it was less sharing and more "I'm going to build a business with this company called doTERRA". He was so against it and we (for the first time ever) had some big ass fights against each other. No yelling or screaming…..just the two of us with very opposing visions of what this doTERRA business was all about. He saw network marketing and his beliefs around what that was. I saw something so much bigger. It wasn’t about network marketing…..or the oils (even though I LOVED them)....or the bigger ranks. What I knew so deeply was that this was an opportunity to truly bring women together and help each other rise. Not just talking about goals. But TRULY a business where you cannot move forward unless you reach your hand down and help others climb alongside you. That idea lit me up in a way I never knew was possible. Ranking up became about what that meant for my leaders (not me) and even last month when I walked the carpet as your Diamond leader at Convention it paled in comparison to how I felt seeing our Silver, Gold and Platinum leaders walk across the stage and be celebrated. Sure, walking the Diamond carpet felt fun and like a novelty, but watching you + our team walk? I was literally ugly crying and losing my shit cheering. I can’t even begin to describe that feeling.




Here's the thing. Lean in, loves.


Hearing you declaring your goals and seeing that you're all SO READY to grow into your next level in your business (which you've been sharing with either me, your mentors and/or in our facebook groups for a while now) has helped me to see a huge new possibility for our Happy Collective tribe. Like I said, this scares the shit out of me to declare and share with you all. The possibility for failure is so reaI but I’m committed to leading our tribe with vulnerability and boldness. So here goes. I feel that we’re ready to create a Presidential Diamond Team together in December.


The voice inside me says “but you’re not even Blue Diamond yet” and “but you have so many gaps” and “you would literally need a Christmas miracle for this to happen”.


But. Still the little flicker of possibility says PRESIDENTIAL. Loudly.

I look at my whiteboards, with all your names written up there and I realise (deeply) that I can’t do this alone. At every other rank I’ve been able to somewhat control the months where I rank up. Even at Diamond I was able to hustle and fill the gaps where I needed volume.

But Blue + Presidential feel very different.

There’s so many moving parts to our larger tribe and currently a LOT of gaps that need to be filled for this Prezzie miracle to take place. It literally won’t happen unless each of us (Me + YOU....6 Platinums + 18 Silvers + 54 Elites loves) are all ready and willing to run together and have the same vision we're working towards. ALL HEART AND HANDS will need to be on board. And I’m beyond humbled that I can't do this alone.


I will be the first of many Happy Collective Presidential Diamonds to walk the Convention carpet and I consider it the highest honour to be able to represent our tribe and light the way for you all. I promise to always share that this rank of Presidential as one that was co-created with all of you (I will never say or think I did this all myself). I will continue to be humble, work hard, share these incredible oils with passion and talk about the business opportunity with all who will listen. I will continue to reach a hand to you and guide you in your own business + life goals. I will help you all continue to see the possibility for yourselves…..and create the MOST amazing Diamond leader retreats in the next few years and beyond (funnnnn). Presidential Diamond isn't the top of the mountain for me at just feels like I'm being asked to create a bigger vision for us all. And it feels, most importantly, like each of YOU are ready to hold a higher vision for yourselves too (Prezzie for our tribe will mean we get to celebrate YOU as 5 New PLATINUMS, 14 new SILVERS + 35 new ELITES!!!!). 

So. My question to you, our Happy Collective Presidential Team (6 Platinums + 18 Silvers + 54 Elite loves)......are you up for running with me? Are you ready? Do you want to? I ask that openly and seriously. It's not an expectation but a question. Because, like I said, I can't do this alone. But if all hearts and hands are on deck. If you're ALL ready. Then, let's create some magic together for December.

With so much love (+ all the courage + shitting myself over here just so you know ;-) ).

Alice x

PS We need a PRESIDENTIAL MIRACLE oil blend. Suggestions welcome ;-) 

Are you ready-.png


"It's not about 'what can I accomplish?' but 'what do I want to accomplish?' Paradigm shift." - Brene Brown