Let's do this. 


1. Choose your kit


2. Purchase your kit 

+ click here to go to mydoterra.com/aliceabba

+ click Join and Save to set up your wholesale account (best prices - this is the option I recommend for everyone, including myself)

+ click your home country/language and where you'd like your oils shipped to

+ Choose Wholesale Prices (this gives you the best price and also sets you up to earn an income with doTERRA).

+ Complete the "About You" page with your details (the enroller field should be pre-populated with my ID number, but if it's not just add in 1575792 so you are purchasing from me and joining my tribe).

+ On the next page choose your Enrolment Kit (my top 3 kits that I recommend are above)

+ Enter in your payment information and then hit “Process Order Now and Continue”.

+ A pop up will appear asking if you'd like to set up your Loyalty Rewards Order (click YES + see the info below). 


3. Set up your monthly Loyalty Rewards Order to 100pv (pv = points value)


To earn commission with doTERRA, you set up a monthly loyalty rewards order (LRP) of 100pv.

(Setting up this order is so much fun! Beautiful oils delivered straight to your doorstep every month? Yes, please.)

You can cancel your monthly order at any time (you're not locked into anything) and when you mentor with me, my first goal is to show you exactly how to cover your monthly business investment so that receiving your monthly oils is even more pleasurable. (And then our next goal together is to help you start earning even more than that, depending on your business activity, goals and pace).

And if you purely want to be a customer in the future, there are no minimum order requirements.


4. Welcome Email straight to your inbox!

I will send you a welcome email with juicy info + Happy Collective tribe perks within 24 hours of your purchase. 


5. Wishlist Call

Within a week, we'll have a zoom (kind of like skype) call together to go over your brand new oils, talk about which oils you might like to add to your wishlist for future months + I'll share my fave oily resources with you (BYO coffee :-) ). 


6. Biz planning + biz launch

Within 2 weeks, we'll have a biz call together and go over your goals + how to launch your doTERRA biz (when you're ready - the beautiful part of this biz is you choose your pace + goals). 


That's it! Well that and so much more. I'm SO excited for you to kick-start you beautiful business and I'm so honoured to be guiding you along the way too. 


Alice xo

doTERRA Blue Diamond + Founder of The Happy Collective