ready. set. grow….with the happy collective.

Begins 1st November



RSG is a 60 day conscious enrollment blitz

RSG is a challenge specifically run for YOU, The Happy Collective (it’s not an official doTERRA program)

RSG (Nov 2018) is a great way to prepare for and qualify for doTERRA Diamond Club (qualifications end in December), refine the key skills that grow a doTERRA business (PIPES!)….and to have FUN!

This is open to anyone in The Happy Collective who has not yet organically reached Platinum.

How it works

During the program, you’ll be asked to track your own enrollments + points.

Enrollments of 100pv - 250pv = 2 points

Enrollments of 251 - 400pv = 3 points

Enrolments of 401 - 700pv = 4 points

Enrollments of 700pv or higher = 5 points

Bonus points if new customer/WA sets up an LRP template by November 30th = 2 points

Bonus points if you out-enrol your Silver+ upline! (AND your leader will get a pavlova in the face if you out enrol them. Note; that also means I have to out-enrol you all too so know that I’m in this with you and ready to rock.


*prizes awarded only to Silver rank and below

Prizes to be confirmed by November 5th.

1st place:

2nd place:

3rd place:

Silvers and above: when you out-enrol your team, you won’t get a pavlova in the face. Aim for THAT prize ;-).

Weekly themes (we’ll be running these themes entirely in our Happy Collective Biz Tribe)

Week 1 : Prepare and invite: The experience of YOU

Week 2: The Presentation and connecting with influencers

Week 3: Your first and second enrollment

Week 4: Support

Week 5: The Graceful Hustle Week


This challenge is open to anyone in The Happy Collective who has not yet reached organic Platinum by the 15th October 2018.

Here’s what you need to do to apply:

  • Have 125pv LRP template set up (I recommend by no later than the 10th of the month)

  • Have correctly completed the online application on or before 31st October

  • Commit to teaching at least 2 classes in November

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