One of my favourite things in this world is witnessing women leaning into their potential, and growing something from the ground up.


It’s what I get to do every day as a mum, a friend, a businesswoman and an entrepreneur.

It’s what I get to do every day as a doTERRA leader.

I do this work—helping women tap into how they’re meant to live and grow their own businesses in alignment with their bigger vision—because it lights me up, and because I can’t imagine doing anything else.

The women on my team are doing incredible things every day; they’re supporting their families by using the most incredible, natural, high-vibing oils on the planet; they’re saving for their futures; they’re educating and empowering their friends and family; and perhaps, most importantly, they’re experiencing something that has to be experienced to fully understand… they’re part of something bigger.

They’re part of my Happy Collective Tribe.

There’s an incredible level of connection in my Happy Collective Tribe, and I don’t take this lightly.

I’ve built my dreams by working in a team.

That old saying ‘A rising tide lifts all the boats’ couldn’t have more weight than right here, in my Happy Collective Tribe; it’s that energy of empowerment that we embody in my team. It’s that energy that lifts us all up.

The best part is: there’s space for you here too, when you’re ready.

Joining my team is right for you if:

  • You’re ready to be a part of something bigger; the ‘cubicle’ life is so 1950s, or wait, is that the housewife life? Either way, you’re here for something bigger; you can feel it in your bones, and you can see it on your horizon. This is your time, and you are ready.

  • You’re tired of feeling like you constantly have to choose between the things you love; you want a lifestyle you love and money in the bank, time spent at home with your family and fulfilment doing work you love, feeling supported by others and supporting others. Lady, this is just the start—and just a taste!—of what’s to come.

  • You’re ready for growth! I don’t take the opportunities this business offers for granted, and the women on my team experience incredible growth in their businesses. If that sounds like something that resonates with you, joining my team is for you.

  • You have a high level of self-responsibility; you’re not only willing to sit down and do the work, but you’re craving it. Everything in your body is saying ‘It’s action time.’ Once you’ve heard that call, there’s no turning back.

  • You work well on your own and in a team; you get as excited about helping others achieve their goals as you do about achieving your own.

  • You believe in balance (green juice + coffee, reading + Grey’s Anatomy (or is that just me!?) + kale chips + champage … you get my point!) and you believe in treating your body with the best natural products our precious earth has to offer.

  • You want to be a part of a movement that’s educating and empowering others. You don’t want to get by doing the bare minimum. You want to show up and make a positive impact in the world, and joining my team gives you a head start on that.


Alice sets an amazing example for her tribe of women building a business to create a life they desire for their families. She is an amazing mentor and role model.
Her passion and drive are infectious and she has a wealth of knowledge and experience to share with her team.

Alice is a woman with a vision and is empowering others to do more be more and to play bigger.

She is an inspirational leader and I would not be where I am in my
business without her support, guidance and encouragement along the way.
It’s true what they say that when women support each other, amazing things happen and this is exactly how I feel about Alice and the Happy Collective Tribe.
— Sarah Poppy Platinum Leader | The Happy Collective Tribe

Joining my team will support you in:

  • Defining success as: happiness, leadership, personal growth and a strong, supportive life vision, one that is in alignment with who you are, and with your values.

  • Expressing yourself creatively. (Those doodles in your day planner are beautiful—Picasso would be proud—but isn’t it time you expanded what’s possible for you?)

  • Providing healing, natural and empowering solutions for those you love, whether it’s to help calm their anxiety, improve their mood, deepen their sleep, sharpen their focus, flavour their food, clean their homes, improve their skin health or more (so much more), you’ll have the solution at your fingertips. (And probably in your handbag too, because we have these cute little roll-on bottles that you’ll seriously never leave home without!).

  • Creating financial freedom (and not in the buzz-word kind of way; in a real, deeply supportive way that invites in a sense of peace, so when you look at your bank account, you feel the most incredible sense of gratitude that you said yes this opportunity.

  • And on that note, when you join my team, you’ll be walking away from the old ‘time for money’ thing. There’s more to life that counting your cash by how many hours you’ve worked; plus, if you’re doing that, you’re spending less time with your family/at the beach/writing that book you’ve always wanted to write/shopping at the farmer’s markets. I’d love to show you how else you can make money (with more ease, and less hustle).

  • Weaving more excitement, passion and joy into business, so that your work lights you up.

  • Creating more freedom and flexibility in your life; you get to control your schedule, and use your time in a way that suits you most… helping you to show up as the best version of yourself for your family, and be a glowing example to others of what’s possible.

  • Becoming part of a team that is there for you from day dot. You’ll feel connected to other women, supported by other women, and lifted up by other women. What could be better? (And don’t say ‘peanut butter’.)

If you want to be surrounded and supported by a team of women who are already nailing it (and who want to lift you up too), then joining my doTERRA team is for you.

I’d be honoured to take you through a snapshot of what joining my team could mean for you.

And… I’ve created space for you to jump in and get started today.

Now, if you’re thinking about joining my team but you’re not sure yet, I’d recommend you simply start using these beautiful oils and see how you feel with them being in your life.

See what changes and shifts you experience, take your time to uncover your own love and appreciation for these oils, connect with our oils community… and then we can dive into the business side if/when you’re ready. You can also email at hi (at) and we'll set up a time to talk.




Not only are there thousands of ways to use these beautiful oils in your life, but the business side had me excited from day one, because I saw the possibilities for not only my family, but for others as well.

Let me take you through this:

Our tribe: The Happy Collective

When you enrol with me or a wellness advocate on The Happy Collective team, you’re not only supported by the person you enrolled with, you’re also supported on a larger level through our team… and we have an incredibly valuable system of support waiting for you.

Many women start using the oils without a plan to build the business side, but then, just like that *snaps fingers*, they fall in love with these incredibly powerful, healing oils, and they can’t help but want to share them with others.

And just by doing that—by sharing something they love and adore, something that lifts their mood, their vibe, and their health—they are building a dreamy business by serving others.

We’ve experienced some incredibly awesome growth on our team, and I attribute that to the quality of people we attract, and the support (and rock-solid business game plans) in place to help you take your business—and your income—to the next level.

When you get started with us, we want to set you up for the greatest success. We want you to use the oils in a way that elevates your life (and your family’s), and we want to help build your product knowledge, and your understand of what sets doTERRA apart.

Alice’s confidence and internal drive is infectious. She genuinely wants the best from everyone in her tribe and has a thoughtful yet effective way of identifying your capabilities and what is required to move forward in your business. Alice’s support, encouragement, knowledge and vibe has been invaluable to Coco Motion Mumma.
— Karlie Cunningham: Founder + Health Strategist, Gold Leader | The Happy Collective Tribe

the happy collective alice abba doterra
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When you join my team, you’ll receive:

  • A 30min 1:1 welcome call and membership overview with me valued at $150.

  • The High Vibe Life with Essential Oils eBook (packed with incredible essential oil recipes for just about everything, from pimped up smoothies to DIY natural all-purpose spray. Value at $29.

  • Regular 1:1 mentoring within your first 90-days, then monthly ongoing mentoring check-ins depending on your biz goals and desired level of growth. Valued at $1,000.

  • Complete in-depth online training so you can educate yourself in this business in your own time (BYO tea). Valued at $600.

  • Local + online opportunities to connect with our beautiful tribe over coffee, yoga and biz training sessions. (Priceless!)

  • An eBook to share with your customers in their first month of using the oils. (This is purposefully not branded so you can make it your own.) Valued at $25.

  • Access to a monthly eBook from our Supernatural Life Library by a certified holistic nutritionist in our team. Valued at $25.

  • Done-for-you systems and educational materials, including a 2 week virtual Oil Camp for all new customers that join your tribe + our signature GROW with The Happy Collective program which runs twice a year (This is huge! It’s high-level support and education, and adds so much value to not only your experience, but to the experience of your future customers; they’ll love you for it!) Valued at $750.

The total value of joining my team is well over $2,579 and it’s all included; free of charge and packed with love when you purchase your doTERRA Starter Kit through me.

Ok sister…..can we talk money together for a hot minute?

In this world, there are three pretty standard ways we make money:

1. Earned income: exchanging your time for money (and time is our most valuable asset, especially when you have a growing family!).

2. Investment income: having a portfolio where your money is invested in stocks, bonds, funds etc.

3. Passive/residual income: network marketing, or selling online products such as eBooks, online programs.

(Or you could try to win the lottery/have a rich uncle called Bob?)


But in our abundant doTERRA world, there are 5 ways you’ll earn money (And none of them involve a 9-5 job, a long commute or a boss...)

The model of your doTERRA biz is simple: you succeed the more you help others succeed.

  1. Retail commission: You get your own doTERRA retail website to send people to (see mine here.)  If people purchase retail items through your store, you will earn 25% commission on that sale and it comes to you one month later. (In saying that, this isn’t the most popular option if you decide to bring in income through doTERRA; most people purchase at wholesale and not through a retail website.)


  1. Fast Start bonus: doTERRA will pay you 20% of the Point Value (pv) on products & starter kits purchased by those who enrol as a Wellness Advocate through you. You get this cheque the week after they make their first purchase, and for anything they buy in the first 60 days they are enrolled. Sweet! Oh, and the person that enrolled you? They get 10% of what this new person purchases, and the person that enrolled them, gets 5%. Here’s more information about this bonus.


  1. Power of 3 bonus:  This is a monthly bonus based on the structure of your team.  If you and 3 people on your front line, who are each purchasing 150pv in products monthly… you’ll get a $50 bonus.  If you help each of those 3 get 3 people on their front line purchasing 150pv in products monthly… you’ll get a $250 bonus. And, if you help each of those 3 get 3 people on their front line purchasing 150pv in products monthly… you’ll get a $1500 bonus! Here’s more information about this bonus.


  1. Unilevel Commission: This is a monthly commission that you are paid based on the overall sales of your doTERRA team that month. The more your team buys, and the larger your team grows over time, and the more you are paid. This amount at first is small, but it really builds over time. This is what we refer to as your residual income; you get this money every month as long as you maintain a minimum 100pv Loyalty Rewards Order. This means that even if you step away from building a doTERRA business, purchases made by your downline team members will continue to pay you forever. (Forever!)


  1. Leadership bonus pools:  doTERRA offers monthly bonuses to those who build larger teams over time and reach the rank of Silver and above. One of the bonuses—the Leadership Performance Pool—is 2% of the topline; the worldwide sales divided into payments for those who have reached the Silver Rank and above. It is a great additional bonus and continues to grow in value as the company grows!


Here’s the timeframes it took me to grow to each of the leadership ranks below:

Silver: 8 months

Gold: 13 months

Platinum: 15 months

Diamond: 24 months

Blue Diamond: 2 years, 9 months 

compensation plan doterra alice abba


You can download doTERRA’s Compensation Plan here

And here’s a FAQ blog post about the doTERRA Compensation plan if you’d like some more information about it


By now, there are two questions you’ll want to ask yourself:

1. If you do nothing differently, would you be happy five years from now, being in the same spot you are today? (I don’t say this to stress you out! It’s more to help you open up to see the possibilities that lie before you today… with the support of our incredible community, and these beautiful oils we’re so lucky to work with every day.)

2. Does your current income stream have a cap? (Because with doTERRA, there’s no glass ceiling, no income cap, and no limits to how much abundance and income you can bring in!)

If your answers lead you to the decision (or feeling, or intuitive hit) that it’s time for things to change, I’d love to welcome you into my team today.


Why start a business with doTERRA?

If you’re wondering why in only nine years, doTERRA has created such noticeable and empowering waves in the network marketing industry, this is why:

  1. The product sells itself, it works and it’s easily consumable. Because of this doTERRA has a 70% retention rate of users, whereas almost every other network marketing company has 10-15% retention.

  2. The compensation plan is built to support lifelong residual income. This is by no means a ‘get rich quick’ setup, but rather, a way to build real financial security and abundance.


I also recommend checking out these doTERRA resources:

>>> Check out the doTERRA Compensation Plan

>>> View the 2014 doTERRA Opportunity + Earnings Disclosure

>>> And have a read of the most recent company factsheet

Why the network marketing model?

First of all, I used to have the same skeptical feeling about network marketing that you might have.

What was missing for me in the past when I was (constantly!) approached by people trying to get me to join their businesses, was that I didn’t have a strong belief in what the product could offer to people.

And before I had my two babies, I honestly just thought that plodding along in the same career was all that was possible for me. However, after my two daughters arrived, I realised that going back to work as I knew it simply wouldn’t cut it… and neither would being a fulltime stay-at-home mum.

I craved purpose, freedom and the ability to create my own income, as well as to be there fully with my daughters.

And then I found doTERRA (or rather, it found me), and nothing has been the same since.


When you join my tribe, you’ll be joining a sisterhood that is based on authenticity, community, connection and support.


Our online community are so incredibly connected, positive and supportive; it’s a home for everyone to be able to reach out to—and tap into—to help them reach their full potential. (Side note: our tribe extends to over 15 different countries!)

I understand that the toughest decision is the first one: saying yes and getting started.

So please know this:

  • Once inside, everyone who’s joined loves our tribe so much (yes, even the ones who were also a little sceptical of network marketing before joining us!).

  • There’s absolutely no pressure to build the business side at all. If you do want to build your doTERRA business, you really can build and grow at your own pace, create your own goals, and know we’ll always meet you—and support you—where you’re at.

  • You’ll be supported with your oils and your business within 24hrs of enrolling with me!


I’m ready when you are

To start your doTERRA business, there are only two costs:

1) You choose your doTERRA essential oils starter kit.

They vary between $119-$3000.

The majority of people begin with the Home Essentials Kit ($330), the Nature's Solutions Kit ($635), or the Every Oil Kit ($1390). I call that last kit the ‘Essential Entrepreneur Kit’ because it's a great starter kit for those who know they're ready to dive straight into the business.  


2) To earn commission with doTERRA, you set up a monthly loyalty rewards order (LRP) of 100pv.

(Setting up this order is so much fun! Beautiful oils delivered straight to your doorstep every month? Yes, please.)

You can cancel your monthly order at any time (you're not locked into anything) and when you mentor with me, my first goal is to show you exactly how to cover your monthly business investment so that receiving your monthly oils is even more pleasurable. (And then our next goal together is to help you start earning even more than that, depending on your business activity, goals and pace).

And if you purely want to be a customer, there are no minimum order requirements.


I know you’ll love these oils as much as I do (it’s impossible not to!), and I can’t wait to welcome you to the team.

(Our team is ready to welcome you too. There’s no secret team handshake, but if there was one, I’d teach it to you in a heartbeat.)


Alice xox

doTERRA Blue Diamond + Founder of The Happy Collective


Want to chat with me before making a decision?

I’d love to hear from you! Please email at hi (at) and we'll set up a time to talk!