Essential Oils for Travel


Our annual USA trip is closing in {one week to be precise - *squeeeeel*} and it's time to get ourselves organised. Bags packed. Activities for Le Babies organised. A mental shortlist of exactly what's going to make this trip one not only manageable with two small babes....but fun too. One of our must-haves for good times + travel are essential oils. Little mini life-savers for a huge number of reasons. I've listed just a few of our ESSENTIALS for travel and how we'll be using them as we fly around a few different states + roadtrip into some Californian National Parks too. 


if I had my way, I'd be packing my complete essential oil stash to take with us. But for the sake of less luggage, here are my top oils that''ll be by my side the entire trip.


Travel Essentials




Oh she's a beauty. So many uses for this purple hero. Just a few applications are

- Spritz some lav on hotel beds to kill any lurking nasties AND to catch some sweet sweet zzzzzz's

- Works a treat on any burns/cuts/bites that can happen on the road

- Relaxation and restfulness on the flight. I'll be pouring it straight from the bottle on my two babes pre-flight {the other passengers can thank me when we land} ;-). 

- A drop of Lav + Fractionated Coco Oil is all I need for an end-of-day beautiful face clean {also perfecto if you have an angry spot on your face...lav helps soothe the inflammation}.






- My ultimate flight buddy to calm nerves

- One drop of this mixed with some Fractionated Coco oil makes a beautiful back massage for my toddler. When she needs some grounding and calm, we whip our this oil and have a little massage ritual. 



- This oil comes in some little mini beadlets. We'll be popping one of these under our tongue several times mid-flight to support our immune systems. 

- A drop of OnGuard + a little moisturizer or Fractionated Coco oil makes up a quick anti-bac handwash. Helps in flight + on the road to keep Le Germs away. 

- Rub a {diluted} few drops of OnGuard on to the soles of the feet for continued Immune Support. 



- A drop on the temples + rubbed into your scalp will support head and neck tension in no time {perfect for during long haul flights}

- If you've had too much caffeine, or you're trying to move past jetlag with a pep in your step, just dab some Pep behind your ears and/or drop a drop in the palm of your hands, cup them over your nose and inhale deeply. 

- Peppermint is also an awesome alternative to DigestZen {below} to tummy upsets. If you need some digestive support, drop one drop in your water and sip as needed. 




- One drop of DigestZen {Digestive Blend} into a glass of water after a big meal or to start the day = a happy tummy

- For digestive issues, do the above and/or dilute with coco oil and rub on lower abdomen



This outdoor blend is a staple for us - in our backyard and in our travels. Keeps Le Bugs away without the nasty chemical smell + toxins. 


Ice Blue Athletic Rub AND OnGuard Throat Losenges

My last two "essentials" for any kind of travel that involves sitting in a confined space for long periods of time {ouch....muscle pain} and being in close proximity to germy peeps too. The athletic rub feels cool and soothing to rub into any sore muscles or stiff necks that come along with long haul travel + roadtrips. And I always ALWAYS have at least a couple of the OnGuard losenges within reach when I know I'm going to be on a plane and in air con for longer than a few hours. A little immune support never goes astray. 


** The oils I refer to in this article are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Not all essential oils are created equally so make sure the oil you choose carries the CTPG quality testing so that you're ingesting oils safely (only one company in the world has this quality standard). 


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