Why You Should Start Your Business Before Babies


The title of this blog is meant to throw you a little. You might think “but Alice….you are all for guiding Mums who want to build their business in the cracks of motherhood/life or ”but Alice….you grew your own essential oils business on maternity leave and are so passionate about showing other Mums how to do that too". Right?


And No.

You see. Maternity leave isn’t a holiday. And it’s not just a time where you can take months away from your usual full-time work with a bunch of leisurely time to dedicate to a business. There’s your body that has to heal (ladies, there are places I didn’t even know could be sore after I gave birth to my two babes). There’s your relationship which goes through huge shifts and emotional overhaul in the first year- or more - of navigating parenthood together. There’s your sense of self which shifts dramatically because you’re not just responsible for yourself anymore. And there’s this new little thing in your life which has just become your everything….and more than likely is affixed to your boob for hours and hours everyday.

There's lots of poo (and so much talking about poo ....why oh why is the word poo now a fixture in every conversation!?). There's often vomit as well. Oh and very little sleep. And sometimes you're lucky enough to get the trifecta of all three at the same time #glamorous.

If you think I’m painting a negative picture here, please let me tell you I’m not. Motherhood is the best (BEST) thing that I’ve ever chosen for myself. All the emotional stretching shapes me into a better person daily. And the love I have for my babies isn’t something my writing can even fully express.

But is it the best time to start a new business? Nope.

Is it possible to start a new business on maternity leave and carve out a new future for yourself? Yep.

Is it a much better idea to already have a thriving business and residual income so that when it’s time for you actually start a family and go on maternity leave, you can take time for what matters most; your fam, your babe and yourself? YEP YEP YEP.


I started my educating people on how to use essential oils (my business) when I was 8 months pregnant with my second babe because the opportunity didn’t present itself until then. Or more accurately, I didn't seek out the opportunity until then. So when I hear women say to me “oh, this business sounds like something I’d love to do when I’m a Mum and I have time” (cue laughter from all the Mums around the world), it kind of makes my heart hurt.

My heart hurts because I want to tell you you'll never have the time or opportunity as much as you do NOW.

My heart hurts because I know that this business needs time to marinate and grow. There's no get rich quick stuff about growing a legit and longterm residual income business like mine. But the thing is.. even if you want to grow your business at the pace of a turtle, you'd still be so far ahead compared to if you never started at all.

Here's a pic of what the doTERRA leadership ranks equate to in average earnings. To give you some perspective, here's also the timeline of how long it took me to reach each rank (and bear in mind that yes I did build my business on mat leave and it IS possible....but it's certainly not for everyone. I was consistent and worked my butt off, even when I'd been up all night breastfeeding my newborn). .

Silver -  I reached this rank in 8 months (takes an average of 13 months)

Gold - I reached this rank in 13 months (takes average of 14 months)

Platinum - I reached this rank in 15 months (takes average of 22 months)

I now teach other people how to grow their own big businesses and lives by duplicating my business model. 


I know deeply also that you just don't get it yet. Cause motherhood is an idea to you right now and you see it somewhere further ahead of you. And you think you know how you'll feel when you become a Mum. That you won't change. That things will be the same. But I'm here to tell you that for 99% of women....they would rather be financially able to stay at home with their kids (and pursue something meaningful for themselves - like a career - with flexibility from home) rather than have to go back to work after 4.5 - 12 months of meeting and falling head over heels for their babe.

My hope is that you get to be one of the few women who gets to enjoy every blissful moment of time with their babes, free from any financial or emotional stress. Completely available for the only thing in the world that matters; snuggling on the couch with your new babe.

Alice x

PS. Didn't have time to read this whole blog? In a nutshell....start your own flexible at home business NOW...while you have time. Don't wait till you have babies because it's way more challenging and exhausting. I can guide you on exactly how to grow your own biz with a beautiful product that people actually need - over here. 

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