How to Create a {legit} Profitable At-Home Business on Maternity Leave.


How to Use Your Maternity Leave (or time at home as a fulltime Stay at Home Mama) to Grow a {legit} 6 Figure Business. AKA: what I did.

Maternity leave is a beautiful time for newborn snuggles, recovery from the biggest event your body will probably ever go through (no matter how you brought your babe into the world, your body needs time to heal) and time to get to know your beautiful little person. But what if it could also be a time where you could begin to carve out a new future for yourself? New goals, new priorities, new purpose and….also maybe your very own business?

It might initially seem crazy to want to start something completely new when you’re about to go on maternity leave (or if you’re already on your maternity leave now). There’s so much new stuff to get your head around, already right? But that’s exactly what I did. With an 18 month old toddler and a very full baby of belly (I was 8 months pregnant) I decided to start my own business. Because that seems like the logical thing to do, right? Ha. But jokes aside, it really did feel logical because the pull I felt towards starting my own business and creating something solid and longterm for my family was oh so real.

My heart was pulling me towards beginning something that was just mine – away from JUST the Mum role. Something that would set some beautiful foundations so that I could be at home with my babies and not go back to work after 6-12 months of maternity leave. I’d already been the work-out-of-home Mum for 12 months and it didn’t align with the vision I wanted to create in my life. Going back to work when my first daughter was only 6 1/2 months old left some lasting guilt + unhappiness that took me a while to work through. But being a stay at home Mum and not pursuing a career or business didn’t align for me either, though. I didn't "want it all"....I just wanted more choices and to land with an option that felt really right for me. Which was Motherhood +Purpose beyond that. And a way to make that profitable too.


 So here's my top tips for you to create + grow a profitable and purposeful business while leveraging your time on Mat Leave. 


but first ...some basics.

  1. Be in it for the long haul.
  2. Take care of yourself + fam first
  3. Let go of the need for perfection
  4. Redefine what balance means for you now that your life has changed. Big time. the juicy stuff. First….be clear on your vision + why and enrol your support crew in it.

No (wo)man is an island. And no matter how strong you are (which you Beyonce says "Who Runs The World...GIRLS") and how capable you are (which, again, you are), you’re going to need some help at some stage. In fact, it’s better to get in the habit of wanting help so that you are growing a business that is aligned with your vision and not one that has the potential to be energetically and physically draining. The goal isn't to be SuperWoman.


First up, sit down with a cup of tea, get your diffuser going with a blend of essential oils and write out your 2 year vision. Write it out in 1st person present tense.....all the details from waking up in the morning until you shut your eyes again at night. Write it as your ideal day 2 years from now and make it bold. Next? Share your vision with your support crew. Talk to those closest to you about what you’re creating. Really take the time to inspire them with your vision and why it is you’re passionate about this business and life you’re unfolding so they can support you along the way. If you partner and fam are onboard, they'll be more likely to offer support when they see you're stretching yourself a little too thin. And they'll be more understanding of the journey if they know what the big picture looks like for you and your fam too.



Pick a business model that leverages your time

Have you ever heard of the phrase “make money while you sleep?” Yeah…it’s a bit of a tagline at times and might have lost its shine a bit. But it can also be a completely non-hypey and legit way to leverage your time and make money when you aren’t actually putting in any hours at a desk.

Any (legit) business model that has passive income or residual income streams at its core are the businesses I choose to align with these days. I previously have been in fantastic jobs where I have felt pull of creative expression and fulfillment….but they were jobs where I was trading my time for money. Think 1 hour = 1 hour of pay. It’s basic and it’s also super limiting. Passive income is where you create a product (maybe an ebook, a physical book, a CD etc) once and then you have the ability to make money off that product again and again.


Residual income kicks passive income up a notch. Residual income comes from building an asset that continues to pay you after the work has been done. Network marketing (also called direct sales, word of mouth marketing or multi level marketing) gets a bad wrap because there are a lot of people who do it TERRIBLY (without integrity or just without an understanding of relationship building). But when you have a product that actually works, customers who want to buy it (and continue to buy it) and people doing the business side of things in an authentic and legit way, Network Marketing can be beautiful. And seriously abundant. The asset that you build with network marketing continues to build and build and build …..and those who are consistent at it and in it for the right reasons (to support others in reaching their goals) end up being rewarded in a BIG way with residual income wealth

PS yes. My business is a network marketing business. And yes, it ticks all of the criteria above. Click HERE to learn more about my business model and how you can duplicate it.


Multi-task like a boss

I know….I know…..the science is in and multi-tasking isn’t really meant to be all that productive. But my guess is that those scientists aren't trying to grow a business at home with kids around and a house to keep semi-tidy. Because in order to grow a business and raise babies you just have to multi-task. It’s a fact. It doesn’t mean you have to kill yourself while you’re at it, though. Depending on how your household runs (who cooks, who cleans, if you get a chance to make it to the gym a few days a week or not), here’s some tips that I’ve used to make the most of the little time I have every day to work on myself + my business.

  • Listen to audio books while you’re at the gym/cooking dinner/driving in your car. Have a list of 10 books that are recommended by the people who are successful in your business (those who are already where you want to be) and listen to them all. Work them into your day so that you’re making the best use of your time. If you have an hour commute to work 5 days per week, you’re going to have 10 hours per week to grow your leadership, belief and mindset more than most people would in a year.
  • Again, listen while you’re doing your day-to-day thing. Pick a few people to follow who are leaders in your field and listen in. I have recently been loving Tony Robbins’ Podcast, Farnoosh Torabi’s podcast, Denise Duffield-Thomas’ podcast and anything by Peta Kelly (she doesn’t do a podcast but she appears as a guest on a few).
  • Don’t clean up while your babies are asleep. Seriously just don’t. I know it’s so tempting to clean up and make your living space look beautiful before you sit down to do some work at a beautifully clean desk (that’s worthy of an Instagram flat lay). But just ignore the mess and use the limited time you have wisely (see next point). Then make the kids help you clean up when they’re awake. For my smallest babe, I sit her up in the high chair and bribe her with frozen blueberries so she’ll sit there quietly while I quickly do the dishes, tidy up, put on a load of washing etc. Glamourous stuff, right? Maybe not….but it works.


Focus on the Essentials.

Kinda the opposite of multi-tasking but, hey, sometimes business building comes with contradictions. But focusing on the right things with limited amounts of time is crucial. Stop scrolling facebook (my trick is to pre-schedule my posts OR just get in there, post and get straight out again), stop watching bad TV shows that don’t add to your life. Say yes to the things that light you up with joy and the things that are going to move your business forward too.

But most what you love.

This work at home gig isn't always going to be easy. Yes, the challenges outweigh the alternative (being at home with your babe/babies always trumps having to go to work without them and missing big moments). BUT....juggling business + Mum guilt (future blog on THAT) + all the stuff that goes along with's a rollercoaster. An amazing, fulfilling and purposeful rollercoaster, but a rollercoaster nonetheless.

So what you do. It'll make the challenging times not so challenging because the vision of what you're creating (for yourself + the world) will pull you through until all those seeds you've been planting start to grow.


Oh there's so much more to write on this subject. But start here. Before any of the actions or the "doing" in your business....start here. And goodluck, mama. You're doing an amazing job.


Alice xo

PS. Want to know how you can leverage your time on Mat Leave to create your own at-home business? Click here to check out how you can join my tribe and build your own essential oils biz or email me at to chat any q's you have.

Alice Abba