Essentialism. Doing less and living more.



In September 2015 I was perched on the edge of the north rim of the Grand Canyon with my baby girl, Mac (we weren't precariously close to the edge....don't worry). My husband took this shot of us whilst holding my two year old daughter, Quinn, who was on the road with us as well. Our epic fam jam roadtrip took us from California through Nevada and Arizona and then north to Utah. Our destination wasa 4 day convention with the essential oils company I partner with in my business.

But back to the ledge for a moment.

So there we were. Perched on top of the Grand Canyon. Enjoying. Relaxing (as much as you can with two small children) and later that day we drove on to another mind-blowing landscape; Zion National Park.

All this time, I had limited internet access. A lot of my business is online, given that the majority of the beautiful women on my team and my oils customers are all over the world. So communication, and the odd facebook training/fun/oils post is key. But I chose not to get a sim card for my iPhone and instead plug in to the wifi when it was available. And for the rest of the time, I just wanted to be in the moment with my fam. Just enjoying....well....this epic view for starters.

Thanks to the USA being the USA (and not Australia, that is) wifi was great and I managed to jump on and spend about 30 minutes most days connecting, responding to enquiries and coaching some of my oils tribe biz builders. The max time I spent online each day was an hour.

After driving back to California post-convention in Utah and taking a surprisingly delightful flight home with my dude and my girls, we returned home. I logged into my oils team online office, where all financial info is kept.


With still 2 more weeks left of the month, my business had already surpassed the gross volume (yes....dollar volume we're talking) than the entire previous month. In other words, September was kicking August's ass.

And yet....I'd just been sashaying around another country for two weeks. With my fam. Enjoying the odd (cough...maybe a couple) Californian red wines, connecting with the Canadian girls in my global tribe who I've had the pleasure of working with for the last 7 months, and really, just having the best time ever.

Which brings me to this.  I've been throwing around the hashtag #dolesslivemore recently and this trip was the living breathing essence of that vision. It's easy to throw about a term and talk about doing less to make room for personal/business/relationship growth, but how many of us actually do it? How many of us continue to preach something that we're not even in the work of doing ourselves? Beautiful quotes that are jamming up facebook and instagram feeds at the moment but are they reflections of what we're creating in our lives or are they merely what we hope for and aspire to?

I believe (and this is what I coach the women in my oils tribe too) that it's not about being the richest, the best, the quickest to reach your goals or to be loved by anyone except yourself. That's the work of the ego. Instead I strive for a business and life of FEELING great, of balance. For me that means building up a killer long term residual income without compromising on the time I have with my family. And growing a solid business that continues to grow even when I travel.

The key to making all of this happen?

Simplify. Focus on the aspects of your business that are yielding the most growth - for you and your bottom line. Let go of anything that feels like a "hustle" or like hard work and instead know truly that when life is filled with ease and when you stop pushing, abundance will flow in you, and towards you, freely.

Alice x

Alice Abba