Why I think it's an honour to sell + share doTERRA Essential Oils

Over the last few years as I've shared oils and grown a business of over 3000 customers, all using and loving doTERRA essential oils. The overwhelming feedback from the women I've helped to begin their oils journey over that time is this: they began using oils just as a way to clean up the toxins in their homes and every day lives (through cleaning, skin care, smelly wall plugins, air fresheners, hand sanitizers, their first aid kit go to's etc). But after a while, what they REALLY discovered when they integrated the oils into their physical and emotional wellness was this more of this: Hope. Peace. Empowerment. Joy.

It lights me up to know that these beautiful bottles of oil can help people access powerful shifts in their bodies and minds so effectively (without a huge cost or negative side-effects). But let me be SUPER clear on this.....not all essential oils are created equally. And not all essential oil companies respect the earth, sustainability practices, sourcing oils from where they naturally grow + thrive (their indigenous home). The results you have from essential oils will vary significantly based on these practices. Then there's what's behind the bottle too that you (if you're anything like me and care about conscious business practice) will care about too.

So. With all that said....here's why I (and 5 million other peeps) choose only doTERRA Essential Oils. 

doTERRA is the largest essential oil + wellness company in the world.

The essential oil quality, sourcing + culture that has been created through the wellness advocates is something you will not find anywhere else!

#1) The Co-Impact sourcing model: doTERRA sources globally and not only that - they work WITH the farmers there to create a better economy.  This doesn't matter to everyone - but it did for me

#2) Their commitment to purity through the CPTG stamp: There is no governing body that enforces corporations like Walmart, Best Buy or NOW brand to be honest about what they're putting in their bottles. It's important that you research a company and understand what they stand for...and then if you try the oil and it aligns with what that company is saying - you have a great company.

When I chose doTERRA it was an intuitive decision at first - I was drawn to the heart of their mission. I didn’t know anyone in Australia that was with doTERRA so I heavily researched the company. Aligning myself with the very best people and brands is something I am committed to. If you’re having a difficult time seeing the truth about which essential oil company you should join - feel free to message me for my research notes.




what are essential oils?

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in bark, seeds, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of plants. They are 50-70% more powerful than herbs and they are highly concentrated. They are a safe, affordable and effective alternative to many synthetic products / recipes. 


why essential oils?

There's a lot of hype about essential oils but there's a good reason for it. They're potent and pure and have many powerful health agents. There's also a multitude of uses for essential oils - you can support immune systems,  sleep, calm anxiety and manage moods/stress and increase energy levels. All naturally and without using synthetic chemicals.  

Alice Abba