EP1. Live Your Happy Podcast: Why Everyone Has An Opinion On Network Marketing

It's here! It's here!! The first episode of Live Your Happy: a Podcast for Authentic Network Marketers. 

I've dreamed of creating this for you for over 2 years and i'm so proud to be able to share this with you. I wanted a way to be able to share, unedited and unscripted, what's on my heart each podcast and to light a spark of possibility for you too. Particularly for the Mums out there who are wondering, like I did, if this business is possible....how to be at peace with motherhood + business.....how to build a biz at home within the chaos of littles....how to grow and share your business in an authentic and aligned way so you don't become "THAT" friend who everyone avoids (ya know exactly what I mean). 

This is real, unedited, unscripted. Just the goods on how to grow your authentic network marketing business and create a beautiful income as a result. 

For those who prefer to read, a transcript of this podcast will be up for you this week.


:: My first business (swimwear) I started I spent $15,000 before I was able to actually sell anything (making samples, designing the product, marketing etc)

:: In my first swimwear business my product didn't even make it to the shelf because another swimwear company wanted to contend my trademark (and I couldn't afford the legal fees to defend it)

:: When I started my Network Marketing business, I paid only $330 for my first product kit and each month I pay between $150-$200 to get the best natural wellness products that I use in my home/life every day. Those are my only required business investment costs.

:: I made $30 in my first month in my network marketing business but after 8 months in my network marketing business I replaced my maternity leave salary (while actually on maternity leave....which meant having the choice not to return to work)

:: After two years growing my Network Marketing business, I'm now in the top 5% of leaders in my company, I now earn a double 6 figure income annually and my business revenue (sales) is currently over $2 million dollars per year (and growing rapidly). 

:: I have successfully mentored leaders to earn 6 figures in their business too (and at least 6 of my leaders will be earning over 6 figures by 2018 - the absolute best part of this biz model is that we only rise when others do #TogetherWeRise).