What is now in existence in your life that felt out of reach pre-doTERRA?

This business is more than just a business.

These oils are more than just oils. 

Belonging, connection, friendships, belief, purpose, options, freedom....

these are some of the feelings and words the women in my Happy Collective tribe recently shared when I asked them this question: "Tell me something that is now in existence in your life that felt out of reach pre doTERRA success".

Here's some of the answers in their own words....

+ A vision . Possibility . Growth (Jayne, Sydney)

+ 1. Easy way to buy more natural products - it seems small, but the market is so fragmented and overcrowded that I never knew what to buy and therefore kept buying mainstream products full of shit
2. A glowing skin!!!!
3. The possibility of financial freedom, not in existence yet, but I can see that it's possible (Mathilde, Sydney)

+ Options. Now there are options. I have choices. Many in fact. I am no longer stuck in situations that I once saw no hope or love or adventure with, but could not see a way out. Doterra and these oils have shown me what is possible. They have shone a light down a dark alley and the light at the end is bright. If NOTHING else ever comes from doterra for me, if I never get to bloody executive and beyond then I am completely ok with that as these little bottles of oils are enough. (Denny, Melbourne)

+ For me it's having the balls to actual start something and don't be constantly paralyzed with fear to "try" something new. DoTerra so far has helped me push past all that and get out of my comfort zones and only positives have come out of it. New friends, rekindled friendships, showing people how to take better care of themselves and 1000 more things. It's giving me daily goals, and the chance to make big shit happen. (Charlotte, Burleigh Heads)

+ A beautiful baby boy, and baby girl on the way. My anxiety under control, personal growth I never thought possible, leadership skills I never knew I had, financial freedom (getting closer and closer), an all natural toolkit to use on my babies and a toxic free home. I could go on and on and on....😍♥️♥️😍 (Andrea, Canada)

+ Belief - that I can live the life I want and be fully abundant in all areas - including money!!!! oooooo and actually living it - my life today is how I want to live it and doterra is helping me take steps to live it more and more every day..... (Sarah, Newcastle)

+ For me....purpose beyond what I thought was possible, feeling what breaks my heart in the world and being able to go and do something to fix that with my time and income, earning half a year’s salary (my previous full time salary) in one single month, 6 months or more traveling and working with my fam (and funding that with my income and without any credit cards), having a plan to pay off our mortgage that’s realistic and much faster than the usual 25+ years, feeling free, finding my tribe (YOU) and all that stunning connection with a kind of sisterhood I haven’t really had before, my body working just as it should, constantly becoming more of ME and everything else that this growth journey has taught (and continues to teach) me. 💜 i could write an essay on this question really. But those are my short notes. X (Alice - that's me ;-) ) - currently traveling the world)

+ Being able to travel (and yes I get to visit Alice in Bali!) a little. (my mum! :-) Sunshine Coast)

+ Meeting and working with an incredible group of sassy, smart, caring, courageous, authentic and honest women. Having come from a Financial Services corporate background, I really struggled with the lack of support for women from other women! I love how incredibly generous and supportive our team is, our uplines and all the other leaders willing to share and teach others. Working towards an income that will eventually be in line with my corporate salary, and more whilst having the freedom to choose what I do and how. The incredible emotional benefits the oils have had for me and my family. Being genuinely happy with what I do every day! (Diala, Sydney) 

+ Oh Jesus. WHERE does one begin!? 
Purpose. Options. Love. Vulnerability. 
Not giving up a career in order to be a mum, and not giving up being a full time mum to have a career. I can’t even put words to the feels. It just gets me so good. But that’s it ☝🏽☝🏽☝🏽 .... briefly. (Brit, New Zealand)

+ Being toxin free in every aspect of our home, The ability to help our household out financially while still focusing on my first love (mummyhood), Having belonging and finding like-minded friends/colleagues - I've felt like I have been hiding who I truly am cause no one else is like me and as a foreigner I've struggled to make friends here in rural Australia <3 <3 <3 (Carlene, Bomaderry) 

+ Health, a toxic free life for my rascal, bravery, hope, new connections, the ability to care for and heal others, purpose and possibility for a happier future. (Virginia, Burleigh Heads)

+ I have a belief that I will be able to leave the 9-5 ish hamster wheel. This means
Options are really on the table (Leanne, Perth)

+ Courage to start something on my own. Possibility of financial freedom. Having purpose other than changing nappies and prepping snacks (this is very simplified but I know you gals know what I mean;). Vision. Freedom. Being empowered. OMG so much! and you know what else!? Not being scared of future. That's massive for me (Lu, Sydney)

+ Posibility - Belief - Confidence - Courage - Bravery - Tribe - Purpose - Experiences - Self Worth - Clarity - Travel 💗 (Karlie, Sydney)

+ Being part of a beautiful sisterhood. Being in control of helping my newly diagnosed ASD son and feeling empowered by that x (Amanda, Wales)

+ First of all, this picture depicts how I feel! BeforedoTERRA I was living with 2 autoimmune diseases. Feeling trapped not knowing how I would feel in the morning when I woke up. Having no control over my body was so upsetting to me. UNTIL, I found doTERRA in March. So happy the universe connected me to Andrea 💗Guys using and learning about doTERRA daily has given me control back over my body. I’m not saying the oils are curing me, but are truly supporting my symptoms. My new saying is this, I may have Lupus and MS. BUT I also have dōTERRA! My passion for these babies must be shared with everyone I talk to. I want everyone on my healing journey. I also love this tribe!! (Reesa, Canada)

+ SELF WORTH!! This is a huge one for me! Prior to network marketing I was that ‘typical’ selfless wife and mother who always put everyone first, would always go without and could honestly say I didn’t love myself! This journey has been that personal development course that my life needed. I KNOW that any success that comes my way, I have earned. I KNOW that I am strong, confident and committed! I KNOW that this journey is taking where I am meant to be going! I KNOW that I am enough. But more importantly, I KNOW that I am WORTHY of what this business can bring to both myself and my family! (Lauren, Sunshine Coast)

+ Creating a beautiful online village for my mama's. Giving them the tools they need for themselves and their families. Finding something that aligns so perfectly with my calling and my why and also strengthening my spiritual practice. So much gratitude and love for DoTERRA and the amazing leaders and women that I'm having the privilege of connecting with 🙏🏼❤️💫🌈 (Susy, Perth)

+ For me doTERRA has created more independence for me, and puts my health back in my control. I'm not where I want to be financially with this biz yet, but I know thepossibility is there...I just have to work for it. I'm becoming more open about sharing what's going on in my life, both positive and negative, and that'll bring me closer to the people who actually care about me (cutting out all the negativity). I've still got a lot of work to do, but with doTERRA by my side I feel more capable of achieving my health and life goals! (Oksana, Canada)

These beautiful words and experiences are just the tip of the iceberg. Wait until I post the comment highlights from the 4000 women (and a few guys) who are my essential oils customers. They've experienced the most incredible shifts with these oils and I'm continually blown away but the power of a single drop of oil. Stay tuned for the next chapter in this blog....

Now that you know a little more about my tribe and these incredible oils, I invite you to:

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