Why You Need doTERRA's Top 10 Essential Oils In Your Home.

So. Where do you start with essential oils? This is a common question that’s come up for the 3000 people who’ve purchased essential oils through my Happy Collective tribe over the last 2 years. So I created this simple + sweet guide to getting to know doTERRA's top 10 essential oils that I personally think E.V.E.R.Y single home needs (since they're a beautiful foundation for your natural lifestyle and what you need to transform your home first aid, cleaning, self-care and emotional support).

Pure comfort, this is your oil for all things soothing. Think skin - sleep - emotions.

:: Diffuse at night for a more restful sleep

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil to carry throughout the day to ease anxious feelings

:: Massage into your little one's feet before bed

:: Add to a relaxing bedtime bath

:: Soothe sunburn by adding to aloe vera gel

:: Support burns by applying over affected area

alice abba lavender

:: Speed healing for bruises

:: Stop itching for mozzie bites

:: Soothe ant and other bites

:: Pop a few drops on your pillow when changing your sheets

:: Add a few drops to a damp face washer and place in dryer with clothes to scent your load

:: Add 1 drop to your facial serum or moisturiser for enhanced skin hydrating and soothing properties

:: Diffuse during sickness to support against a persistent cough

:: Add a few drops to a cookie recipe for lavender cookies

:: Add 1 drop + 1 tsp coconut oil to a cup of chamomile tea as an extra soothing night cap


alice abba lemon doterra essential oil

Like a breathe of fresh air, this is your oil for all things cleansing and uplifting.

:: Diffuse to promote optimistic feelings

:: Add 1 drop to 1 tbsp coconut oil for oil pulling in the morning (helps cleanse and whiten teeth)

:: Add a few drops to your laundry load

:: Diffuse in your car to eliminate odours. Use a car diffuser or pop 2 drops on a cotton ball and place in glove box

:: Diffuse in the kitchen after cooking fish to eliminate odours

:: Combine with white vinegar for the best mirror and glass cleaner going

lemon doterra

:: Add 1 drop to your glass/stainless steel water bottle for the day

:: Add 1 drop to a damp cloth for cleaning stainless steel

:: Fill your kitchen sink and add 4-6 drops of lemon essential oil, soak fruit and veggies for the next few days to remove unwanted residue before storing

:: Add 1 drop to your green smoothie to cut through the green taste and improve flavour

peppermint doterra essential oils

Peppermint will replace your afternoon coffee AND ease your tension. Basically, it’s mama’s best friend.

:: Rub onto temples to ease a headache

:: Add 1 drop to a large glass of water to freshen breathe

:: Rub clockwise onto your belly to ease an upset, bloated or sluggish tummy


:: Roll down sides of the nose and across forehead to clear sinuses and ease sinus tension

:: Make a cooling spray by combining with clean water for sunburnt skin

:: Add to any chocolate, chocolate cake or slice recipe for a choc-mint taste explosion

:: Add 1 drop to your morning coffee for a delish mint twist that will motivate you for the day ahead

:: Diffuse at your desk to support increased concentration and motivation

:: Apply behind your ears and onto pulse points before a workout for some extra pep

:: Add 1-2 drops to a veggie capsule to aid upset digestion

:: Place 1 drop in the palm of your hand, rub together and cup over nose while exhaling deeply for an afternoon pickup instead of that extra cup of coffee

tea tree

Ultra cleansing and purifying for skin, air, home and internally. Your ultimate first aid oil.

:: Diffuse to cleanse and protect the energy of the home

:: Diffuse to purify the air during sickness and kill airborne pathogens

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and lavender to carry throughout the day to roll on cuts, bites and stings

:: Dilute and apply to the back of the neck for energetic protection from negative influences

:: Add to a bath with 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar to fight ringworm, eczema, fungal infections, thrush or just to tone and fortify the skin

:: Support burns by applying 2-3 times per day in combination with lavender + frankincense

:: Add 5-6 drops to a laundry load to during a gastro outbreak

:: Add 1 drop to your facial cleanser for added anti-bacterial and skin toning benefits

:: Mix up a foot rub with coconut oil to combat fungal infections

:: Add 3 drops to your mop bucket for an amazing clean smell and added anti-bac benefits

This is your go to oil for everything fungal, bacterial and out of balance and a super boost to your immunity. Think skin + cellular.

:: Dilute and apply to the bottom of the feet for immune boosting properties

:: Take 1 drop internally for immune and energetic support

:: Massage into the back of the neck (diluted) before meditation to help release the ego

:: Add 1 drop to your dishes that call for oregano - the flavour is amazing

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll onto anything fungal - cracked heels, ringworm, persistent eczema and athlete's foot or nail rot.

:: Add 2 drops Oregano + 2 drops On Guard to a veggie capsule during sickness

:: Dilute with carrier oil and massage into aching joints and muscles

It's been said that if you were to only ever use one oil, Frankincense should be it. This is your oil for helping skin, emotions, cells remember how to come back to balance and function optimally, like a great big reset.

:: Diffuse during sickness for respiratory support (expectorant)


:: Diffuse to let go of lower vibrations and negative energies - letting go of the past to allow yourself to be fully in the present with a clean slate (reset)

:: Take 1 drop under the tongue daily for cellular health (a tip from Dr Hill)

:: Massage into the back of the neck and third eye before meditation to increase third eye/intuitive awareness

:: Replace your perfume with a roller bottle of frankincense + fractionated coconut oil

:: Enhance the benefits of any oil and drive in deeper by adding 1 drop of Frankincense

:: Add 1 drop to your evening skin oil or moisturiser

:: Add 10 drops to a pump pack of oil or moisturiser and massage into your body after showers to support optimum elasticity, reduce the appearance of stretch marks and pigmentation.

:: Apply in a high concentration on new scars once wound has closed to aid in prevention of scar tissue and regeneration of healthy cells

:: Use on mature skin for a youthful glow and anti-aging properties

:: Take internally in vege caps (or supplements) for anti-oxidant benefits

onguard alice abba

On Guard is your natural alternative for immune support, sickness support and cleaning. It's probably doTERRA's most well known/famous blend.

:: Diffuse during sickness to kill airborne pathogens

:: Take 1 drop in a gel cap daily for immune support

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and swipe onto the soles of children's feet before kindy or daycare

:: Add 1 drop to smoothies

:: Make a cleansing toilet fresh spray by adding to an atomiser spray bottle with cooled boiled water

:: Add 2 drops to your bin liner when you change the bag

:: Massage (diluted) into glands during sickness

:: Make a floor cleaner using On Guard, vinegar and castile soap

:: Make your own green laundry liquid detergent using On Guard, coarse salt, castile soap and bicarb

:: Make a surface spray by combining with cooled boiled water or vinegar

:: Add 2 drops to 2 tsp fractionated coconut oil as a hand sanitiser alternative while out and about

easy air doterra

Also known as Breathe in the USA, this is the oil your oil for supporting all things easy breathing, congestion, havyfever and allergies.

:: Diffuse during sickness to support easier breathing and more open airways

:: Diffuse for a refreshing and clean aroma

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll onto chest, soles of feet and down spine

:: Diffuse at night to support against snoring and apnoea

:: Dilute and apply to bridge of nose and chest to support hayfever and seasonal allergies (do not get in eyes)

:: Place a drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale any time

:: Place a drop in the corner of a warm shower and inhale aroma to open airways during sickness or in the morning to awaken for the day ahead

digestzen doterra

This is your go-to blend for all things optimal digestion, tummy upsets and bloating.

:: Diffuse during meal times to stimulate trigger the limbic system for optimal digestion

:: Take 1 drop in a large glass of water 30 mins before meals to improve digestion


:: Dilute as directed and rub onto bub’s belly, soles of feet and down spine to ease symptoms of colic and reflux

:: Carry a sample vial with you when visiting friends or travelling and trying new foods to ease occasional tummy upsets

:: Add 1 drop to your glass or stainless steel water bottle to sip through the day

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil and roll clockwise onto belly or the soles of the feet to ease stomach upsets, cramps and bloating

:: Apply diluted to belly, down spine and rub into soles of kiddies feet during gastro bug attacks

:: Place a drop in the palm of your hands, rub together and inhale any time

ice blue

This is your ultimate anti-inflammatory sidekick for all things muscle aches + pains, joint pain and cramping. It’s the perfect companion for an active lifestyle.

ice blue

:: Dilute and apply onto feet and knees before and after exercise

:: Massage into sore muscles and aching joints

:: Dilute and massage into children's legs before bedtime to ease growing pains

:: Make a rollerbottle with fractionated coconut oil to carry with you to massage into lower back and belly to soothe joint pain, muscle pain or stomach cramps during that time of the month

:: Help muscles recover after intense exercise by massaging into area directly



Inhale or use a diffuser

Reaches bloodstream within 30 seconds when applied to soles of feet

Add to water, add to cooking, drop under tongue or put in a vege capsule

Power to affect your mood through your limbic system in your brain

Kills airborne pathogens

Eases breathing

Improves air quality



Apply to feet, back of ears, chest, neck, pulse points or directly where needed

Immediate comfort

Dilute with carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil) to minimise skin sensitivity, increase surface area and reduce evaporation rates of the volatile essential oils



Nourishes whole body including digestive system

Use as directed on labels (not all oils can be ingested)

Keep out of ears, eyes, nose