WELCOME TO BIZ CAMP with the happy collective!

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The Deets 

Biz Camp with The Happy Collective was created to help YOU achieve the rank of Elite!

The rank of Elite is the first stop at establishing a powerful, home-based, doTERRA business. Once you learn how to build to this rank, the rest is simple. Your success from here on out is a matter of simple duplication (showing others how to do what you do).

If you’ve come into this business and you LOVE essential oils, doTERRA’s compensation plan, and the ability to earn residual income, then you’ll LOVE sharing doTERRA, teaching natural solutions for a healthy life, and mentoring others in a business that creates a healthy pocketbook.

This program is meant to provide the guidance, mentorship, tools, trainings and resources you need so that you don’t have to figure out on your own.


Why Elite? 

Elite is the rank where you’ll be making enough money to pay for your monthly order and a little extra cash too. This program will propel your business to this point, and show you the steps to duplicate how to build a business so that you can turn around and share these simple steps with your friends (or enrol them in our next upcoming monthly launch program).

Here Is Exactly What You'll Get in the Launch Your Business Program
• Weekly videos + live coaching with me and our other Silver+ leaders in THC
• A Facebook support forum with training and interaction designed to walk you through the program, step by step.
• Answers to your commonly asked questions and associations with others who are experiencing the same level of growth.

If you want: 
• Time freedom (the ability to plan your time around what is important to you)
• Financial freedom (being debt free and living the life of your dreams) 
• Residual income (an income stream built over time that is stable and recurring) 
• Work that gives you joy (sharing natural solutions with others) 
• Personal development (getting out of your comfort zone and becoming the best you can be) 
• Business skill development (online training, support with building relationships, how to share naturally) 
• Belong to a group of like-minded people (your team will become your best friends and you’ll meet so many amazing people!)

If all these things are of interest to you, then you’ve found the right tribe. 

If you have fears about:
• Not knowing enough
• Not wanting to be a bother to people
• Not having enough time/knowledge
• Not having enough contacts
• Not enough, not enough, not enough.....

If these points are true for you, we have answers and you’ll LOVE Biz Camp. 


Why Essential Oils as a Business?

Let's look at some basic stats...
73 percent of the general population looks to natural products to improve their health
51 percent of the general population has used essential oils
Of the general population, only 13 percent are familiar with this brand of essential oils
The most popular method to find out which natural product to use and how to use those products continues to be from the recommendation of a friend. This method is 50% more common than referring to an advertisement.
Even though oils have been in use for thousands of years, today everyone is looking for healthier, cleaner, non-toxic, natural options.


Why This Business Model? 

Have you ever experienced an essential oil that truly took your breath away? Great!
Did you have any idea how to use it? Probably not.

In this business model you are taught by leaders how to be a teacher so you can educate others on these oils that you love and that you know they will love as well. Through this process, you are mentored on how to structure your business so you get the most benefit and so do your customers and builders.


Why Biz Camp?

With the amazing leaders you will be learning from you will get to jump start your learning and avoid the mistakes newbies often make. This will cut down on your learning curve and teach you how to build relationships and build your business quicker.


Each round begins the first Monday of each month

Register below to join us and kickstart your beautiful essential oils business. 




*note: this is currently only available if you have a wholesale account in The Happy Collective tribe. If you don't yet have a wholesale account and would like to particpate in this program, please jump over here to choose your oils starter kit and follow the instructions to get started OR email me at hi@aliceabba.com if you'd like me to help you set up your account. 


Also, when you register for Biz Camp, you'll receive a facebook friend request from my assistant, Laura, under the name "Happy Tribe". Once you accept that friend request, she'll add you into the Biz Camp group.