Hey, I’m Alice Abba

 I'm a mum to 2 girls (Quinn and Mackenzie).

I teach Mums how to grow a successful wellness business and make a life-changing income when they have a laptop, smart phone, clear goals and a big heart to help others.

I built my own wellness business online (I am a Presidential Diamond leader with doTERRA Essential Oils) and work with my team and customers to lead a multi-million dollar business .

Connecting with people online has been my fave way to educate about my product, build communities and take care of my customers. Thanks to the limitless of the online space, my customers are in 25 different countries but we’re all connected daily through online programs + community groups.

I’m known for working with passionate, intelligent and self-driven mums who are ready and open to receive my guidance and support to grow a successful wellness business.

I'll take couch hangs over networking events any day.

Coffee is my spirit animal (long black with pouring cream, thanks).

I've been hanging out with my love for over 10 years and decided to marry him in 2011. It’s going kinda well. (Kidding; I love him)

I decided to trade in my fulltime job in a retail wellness business (managing a part of a billion dollar yoga retail company) to grow a wellness business in my own way, that supports my family in a way I used to dream about.

I did this (mostly) from my couch with a laptop and a iPhone. From playgrounds, in my car and early mornings before my husband went to his 9-5 work each day. It wasn’t always picture perfect. It was often a hot mess. But it was worth it to not have to choose between family and my own career/purpose (I’d love to show you how you can do this too).

Home is the beautiful Burleigh Heads, Australia, and last year we lived out one of our biggest goals…..as a family as we travelled and worked with our two little girls in Bali, California, Mexico and Canada for 7 months. This is what my business has allowed us to do… and yep…my oils were the first thing I packed.

The life I’ve created through the doTERRA wellness business (and alongside my amazing tribe) is something I used to dream about.

I want you to have access to this same path. (Because this is so very possible for you too.)

I want you to wake up every single day feeling safe, secure and sustained in your business, your home life, and your bigger vision, knowing you can support your family with ease.

I want you to feel deeply connected to other women, as well as deeply connected to yourself, and to what you want to create in your life.

I’m no different to you… building a wellness business truly is something that anyone can create.

I know that being a work-from-home mum isn’t always perfect, but I also know that having the freedom, choice and flexibility to create abundance for yourself—and for your family—is the best thing ever. In fact, I’d say it’s up there with one of the most empowering feelings a woman and mum can experience.

However, I didn’t always have financial freedom like I do now.

I didn’t always have the option of travelling with my young family for seven months.

And I certainly didn’t always have the stability of savings in the bank and consistent residual income.



Here's how it all began...


In early 2014, I was just returning to work after six months on maternity leave with my first daughter, Quinn.

I was going back to a job I absolutely adored, with this billion dollar wellness brand you may have heard of: lululemon athletica.

And while I felt my heart break over leaving my daughter for the first time (especially with her being so tiny), I was also so excited to be heading back into grown-up land. Being able to eat whenever I wanted, and having the freedom to go to the toilet without a baby hanging off me!? Heaven!


And at first, it truly was.


I loved that I was constantly surrounded by incredible new friends, being paid to practice yoga and connect with the wellness community. And of course there was the excellent side benefit of working in amazing stretchy pants all day, every day. But I slowly felt things shifting after almost a year of juggling two very demanding roles: motherhood, and managing a three million dollar retail business.


More and more, I noticed that I was feeling torn, exhausted, and misunderstood. And I felt like I was doing a shitty job both at work, and at home.


While I craved joy, abundance, energy, connection and purpose, I just felt conflicted, chaotic, exhausted and broke.


And when I say broke, we were really broke.


We were getting the maximum government assistance payout and we were still struggling to make ends meet.


From the outside it looked like we were doing fine—a happy family, a good job with a good company—but we hid a lot of the financial stress really well and, over time, it affected us physically, mentally and emotionally. We were in a constant cycle of paying bills and struggling.

When we discovered I was pregnant with our second daughter, it gave me an opportunity to reflect on what I wanted my future with my husband, our daughter, and a new babe on the way, to look like.


I was at breaking point, and I knew that things had to change; we couldn’t go on like this.


I went on maternity leave when I was seven months pregnant with the intention of really utilising that time to start my own business with a brand of wellness products I’d found that I trusted . The brand name was doTERRA.


(And yes, that’s a seemingly inconvenient time to be pursuing a passion business, except that when the pull is so strong you can’t ignore it, you realise it’s the perfect time!)


doTERRA is a wellness company that offers a person to person selling model. Which gives everyone the opportunity to create their own business selling the most trusted and tested essential oils on the market today. I’d used essential oils since I was a little girl and once I tried doTERRA’s oils, purchasing the products for my own use for my health made total sense. And also beginning to distribute them was a no-brainer.

The oils worked for me and my family so I talked about them to everyone. Then I created a facebook group to talk about the oils to anyone who wanted to listen. It turns out, a lot of people were ready to listen. And …. my wellness business (I called it The Happy Collective) had begun.


The world is waking up. We all know that we’ll feel better, healthier, happier when we living WELL. This means filling out bodies with chemical free food, getting sweaty every day (even if it’s just for 15 minutes) and being mindful of what’s in our medical cabinet, what we use on our skin, what we clean with and what we inhale.

Add to that the booming demand for health box subscriptions (that are disrupting the way health businesses are seen and heard), and it makes total sense to build a business that serves both the demand for WELLNESS and a mode of delivery straight to people’s doors.

Which is exactly the business I’ve created online (and what I’d love to teach you too).

 ⇢ I’ve grown wellness tribe of 8000+ incredible women (and a few guys!) from around the world, who all share the same high-vibe lifestyle and love for living their healthiest, happiest lives with doTERRA wellness products that get delivered to their door every month.

 ⇢  I mentor a percentage of those people who are interested in turning their love for this lifestyle into an abundant online wellness business, just like I have. And nope, this isn’t your average product biz where you host a few parties and get some free stuff; this opportunity opens a doorway into abundance, connection and prosperity that takes your life to new heights. Learn more about what’s possible for you when you join my tribe here.

 ⇢ I replaced my maternity leave income in 8 months, I replaced my full-time senior manager salary within 12 months. As a Presidential Diamond leader, I now earn monthly what I previously earned in a year. 90% of this I did from my laptop and iPhone.

I share these numbers with transparency, to show you that very real life-changing income can be created in this business, and that when we are free of money struggles and the heaviness of debt, money allows us to truly live our best lives.

To me that means uncompromised time with my husband and daughters, the finances to travel AND pay off our home, and the ability to then pay it all forward generously).


Now that you know a little more about me, I invite you to:

  • Take a look at my Coaching page to see how we can work together this year.