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in a nutshell….

Once upon a time I created a tribe of natural health light-warriors, called The Happy Collective. It’s now a thriving community of 7000+.

Motherhood is a trip. But it’s a crazy fun one with my husband (Tristan) and two babes (Quinny + Mackie).

You can listen to soundbites of joy over at my podcast, Rising Happy.

You can find my Happy Toolkit Essentials over here.

Want to connect? I hang mostly on the ‘gram.

Welcome, love. So happy you’re here! Alice x



The short story. The long story. And a few bits in between. Shimmy over here to get to know me and how I managed to escape the whole boring 9-5 shebang and grow a beautiful multiple 6 figure biz from home with my two babes + sexy husband by my side. 

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We are a thriving tribe of women guiding women on how to live with more happiness + health + beautiful wealth with our life toolkit must-haves: essential oils.  I have a few partnership opportunities available in our tribe. Click below for more info + to connect with us.